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    Talks, Readings, Workshops for Schools
    Poetry, imagination, myth, spirituality, ecology, classical studies    
    James offers talks, readings, and workshops for schools on the above topics.
These can be tailored to the particular needs of a school or curriculum.
    For more information contact jwbharpur@eircom.net    
    Teaching: He has given talks and workshops to students, from sixth forms to primary school pupils, in a wide variety of schools. These include Cranleigh School, Radley College and St Paul’s Girls’ School in England; Kilmeen National School in Ireland; Geelong Grammar School in Australia; and Lycée Prince Albert I in Monaco.

His poems have been used for internal A Level English modules, and a forthcoming collection, In Loco Parentis (winner of the Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize) records his own five-year odyssey through boarding school.
    ‘No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.’  William Blake    


Background: James studied Classics then English Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge. He has had five books of poems published by Anvil Press and has won many prizes and awards, including the National Poetry Competition, an Eric Gregory award, and the Michael Hartnett Poetry Prize. His latest book, Angels and Harvesters, was a Poetry Book Society recommendation and shortlisted for the Irish Times poetry award. His poems have appeared in the Guardian, Financial Times, Independent, Spectator and other national publications, as well as on BBC Radio Four and RTE Radio One.

Contact: James would be delighted to discuss the individual needs of your school or curriculum - please contact him in the first instance at jwbharpur@eircom.net



‘We were so lucky that James Harpur was able to visit Geelong Grammar School as part of the Southby Visiting Fellows Programme in 2017. His lecture on poetry was impressive and enjoyed by many. James also visited some of our senior IB Literature classes and shared his love of poetry with school students in a wonderfully gentle and engaging manner. I highly recommend him to schools.’
Claire Dowley, Head of English, Geelong Grammar School, Australia

‘James delivered a Friday Lecture at St Paul’s Girls’ School for the combined sixth forms on poetry and imagination. In it he explored different types of poetry, from the Epic of Gilgamesh to Homer to Anglo-Saxon riddles and the nature of the imagination, which he likened to a sort of ‘mental yeast’. James wears his erudition lightly and has a highly engaging, compelling style which enables a young audience to grapple with complex ideas without feeling daunted. His lecture was both entertaining and profound.’
Clarissa Farr, former High Mistress of St Paul’s Girls’ School, London

‘James has visited Cranleigh for over 20 years to discuss his poetry. The GCSE pupils respond immediately to his poems about his own school days and the A level students are always fascinated by his unique variation on the sonnet form, and the majority have chosen to study his poetry for coursework. James often combines his visits with a talk to Classics students, who are excited to see how, for example, the Aeneid can inspire a contemporary poet to explore his feelings about the death of his father.’
Peter Longshaw, former Head of English, Cranleigh School, Surrey

‘James visited us regularly at Radley. We used his excellent collection ‘The Monk’s Dream’ for coursework – the boys loved its sensitive exploration of father-son relationships, and always wrote superbly on it. James is an excellent reader and speaker, and his visits always had a profound impact on the boys’ approach to their work. He also ran wonderful writing workshops with our Creative Writing Group. I am a great admirer of his poetry, and we were always delighted to have him in school.’ 
Christopher Ellott, former Head of English, Radley College, Oxfordshire




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