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What they said...

'On the long train home, as I read again the text that I had read half asleep on the way to Dorchester, I realised I was seeing it, and the view out the window, with renewed eyes. Thanks to all of you for waking me up again and especially thank all of you who organised and directed and so generously shared your insights with us. Having read some of your work I knew I would like you, but I didn't imagine it would also be so fun.... What a precious thing.' E.P. London

'Last weekend was... impactive beyond expectation (though my hopes were high) and on many levels. I’ve never participated in a group with such ambitious focus on varied but interrelated themes. Deep thanks to Patrick, James, Merrily, Jules, and Lindsay.' C.M. Chicago, USA

'I found the weekend an extraordinarily rich experience. It seemed like one long conversation! And it felt like a long-overdue metaphysical MOT.... There is much to digest, a process that I expect will continue for some time to come.' S.M. Edinburgh

'Thank you for a really wonder - full weekend. The talks were illuminating and inspiring and the company so very companionable... In short , it was everything one could have wished.' A.C. Dorset

'I so enjoyed everyone’s company and conversation. What a rich time!' K.T. Seattle USA

'Can't thank you enough for such a stimulating weekend'. P. A.

'The whole course was wonderful, and Patrick and Jules make such an exciting team... certainly my batteries have been well charged now.' K. B.

'A most powerful and wonderful experience.' A. B.

Thanks very much for running such an enjoyable short course. Apart from the subject matter being very interesting, I thought it was very well balanced in terms of different themes and presenter approaches to keep us on our toes. The location was also spendid too. Much food for thought.' I. J.

‘I enjoyed every minute, from lectures and discussions to interesting and at times very beautiful trips. I have looked over my notes and anticipate taking some time to digest them and integrate what I have begun to understand… Thank you.’ N. P. Oxfordshire. 

‘I’ve been thinking about the two courses I attended a great deal (and recommending them to many people!). They were so inspirational and thought-provoking – and such fun! I really did enjoy them hugely.' A. F. Somerset.

‘Thank you all SO much for an intense and fantastic weekend… I loved the mystery of the Mystery Tour - not knowing, in fact, what to expect.  So deep thanks for that…’ D. W. Devon.  

‘It was a really special weekend and there's an awful lot to mull over. I thought Jules was wonderful and her talks were extraordinary… Thanks again’
A. B., Sussex  

‘To be honest going in I was a bit intimidated by Patrick's intellect, but he couldn't have been more approachable and down-to-earth…  The course itself met and surpassed my expectations... The trip itself was like a dream come true – and now the months ahead to unpack and dream the myth forward!’
G. K. New York, USA. 

‘I was very affected by the course… I had been steeping myself in Patrick's books, some which I had to read more than once. They've totally transformed my understanding of my own experiences. I really appreciated Jules’s contributions which covered areas which were new to me… and being outside in that dramatic weather added a wonderful dimension. Many thanks for a truly inspiring weekend.’ V. C. London

‘Just wanted to say thank you and how much I enjoyed both the weekends. They have given me a fresh outlook and revealed a deeper meaning to things. Thank you so much, all of you, for imparting this.’ J. M. Dorset

‘What a very inspiring course that was.  I came wondering what I would find, a heart-led adventure as all the real ones are, and found gold!
It is so confirming for the work I am doing on ancient myth...So thank you for a great confirmation and encouragement – and a nice light-hearted approach.’     E. A. Warwickshire. 

‘Thank you for another delightful, insightful, well-organised course…’ Z. P. London

‘It was a great weekend, thank you so much. Including Merrily’s wonderful talk on the fox hunt and the hounds.’ L. H., Hereford. 

‘I thoroughly enjoyed myself… The third course was as stimulating as ever and as well organised. Do let me know if you are planning anything else.’ T. L. London

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'...Call the world if you Please "The vale of Soul-making". Then you will find out the use of the world (I am speaking now in the highest terms for human nature admitting it to be immortal which I will here take for granted for the purpose of showing a thought which has struck me concerning it). I say 'Soul making' Soul as distinguished from an Intelligence - There may be intelligences or sparks of the divinity in millions - but they are not Souls till they acquire identities, till each one is personally itself. Intelligences are atoms of perception - they know and they see and they are pure, in short they are God - How then are Souls to be made? How then are these sparks which are God to have identity given them - so as ever to possess a bliss peculiar to each one's individual existence? How, but by the medium of a world like this? '  ~  John Keats, letter 14th February 1819